Dr. Howard Hu: Santa Clarita Cosmetic Surgeon

Jul 5, 2019

About Dr. Howard Hu

Dr. Howard Hu is a renowned cosmetic surgeon based in Santa Clarita, California. With years of experience and exceptional expertise in the field, he has become a trusted name in the industry. Dr. Hu continuously strives for excellence and is committed to providing his patients with the highest quality care and results.

Expertise in Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Howard Hu specializes in a wide range of cosmetic procedures, helping his patients enhance their natural beauty and achieve their desired aesthetic goals. Whether it's facial rejuvenation, body contouring, or breast augmentation, Dr. Hu has the knowledge and skill to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Facial Rejuvenation

As a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Hu understands the desire to achieve a youthful and refreshed appearance. With advanced techniques and a keen eye for detail, he offers various facial rejuvenation procedures, including facelifts, brow lifts, eyelid surgery, and non-surgical treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers. Dr. Hu's approach focuses on natural-looking results that enhance his patients' unique features.

Body Contouring

For those seeking to sculpt and reshape their bodies, Dr. Howard Hu provides exceptional body contouring solutions. From liposuction and tummy tucks to thigh lifts and arm lifts, he customizes each procedure to suit the individual needs and goals of his patients. With his refined techniques, Dr. Hu helps his patients achieve the body contours they desire, boosting their self-confidence in the process.

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Hu has considerable expertise in breast augmentation procedures. Whether a patient seeks breast enlargement, breast lift, or breast reduction, Dr. Hu utilizes advanced surgical techniques to produce beautiful and natural-looking results. He listens to his patients' concerns and desires, working closely with them to determine the best approach for their unique circumstances. With Dr. Hu's skill and attention to detail, patients can expect outstanding outcomes.

A Caring and Compassionate Approach

Dr. Howard Hu believes that the patient experience extends beyond surgical expertise. He values each patient's individual journey and prioritizes their comfort and wellbeing throughout the entire process. Dr. Hu and his dedicated team provide exceptional care, answering questions, addressing concerns, and providing support at every step.

Contact Dr. Howard Hu

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure and would like to benefit from Dr. Hu's expertise, we encourage you to schedule a consultation. During your personalized consultation, Dr. Hu will thoroughly discuss your goals, evaluate your unique situation, and recommend the most appropriate procedure for you. Take the first step towards achieving the look you've always wanted by contacting Dr. Howard Hu today.


Dr. Howard Hu is a highly respected cosmetic surgeon in Santa Clarita, California. With his extensive experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence, he offers a range of cosmetic procedures to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals. From facial rejuvenation to body contouring and breast augmentation, Dr. Hu provides personalized solutions while ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of his patients. Contact Dr. Howard Hu today to schedule a consultation and take a step towards enhancing your natural beauty.

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