Welcome to Mark Berman, MD, FACS - Muir Diablo Occupational Medicine

Feb 21, 2018

At Muir Diablo Occupational Medicine, we are proud to have Dr. Mark Berman, MD, FACS on our team. With his exceptional skills and expertise in occupational medicine, Dr. Berman goes above and beyond to provide top-quality care to individuals and businesses alike.

Meet Dr. Mark Berman, MD, FACS

Dr. Berman is a highly esteemed medical professional specializing in occupational medicine. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he has established himself as a trusted name in the field. Dr. Berman is dedicated to helping patients regain their health and return to work safely and efficiently.

Expert Occupational Medicine Services

At Muir Diablo Occupational Medicine, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address the specific needs of our patients. Whether you are an individual seeking treatment or a business looking for occupational health solutions, Dr. Berman and our team are here to assist you.

Workplace Injury and Illness Treatment

If you have encountered a workplace injury or illness, it's crucial to receive immediate medical attention. Dr. Berman has a deep understanding of occupational health and is skilled in providing timely and effective treatment for a wide range of conditions. Our goal is to help you recover and get back to work as soon as possible.

Pre-Employment Screening

As a business owner, it's essential to ensure that your new hires are fit for the job. Our pre-employment screening services help you evaluate potential employees' health and fitness to perform the required duties safely. Dr. Berman conducts thorough examinations and provides detailed reports to assist you in making informed decisions.

Physical Examinations

Regular physical examinations are vital for maintaining overall health and detecting any underlying conditions. Dr. Berman offers comprehensive physical examinations to evaluate your overall well-being, identify potential health risks, and recommend appropriate preventive measures. Our team emphasizes personalized care and provides guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

DOT Physicals

For commercial drivers, meeting the Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements is mandatory. Dr. Berman specializes in performing DOT physicals, ensuring that commercial drivers meet the necessary medical and physical qualifications to safely operate vehicles. Our thorough evaluations comply with DOT regulations, giving you peace of mind.

Why Choose Muir Diablo Occupational Medicine?

Choosing the right occupational medicine provider is crucial for your health and business success. Here's why Muir Diablo Occupational Medicine stands out:


Dr. Mark Berman, MD, FACS brings unparalleled expertise in the field of occupational medicine. With his extensive knowledge and skills, you can trust that you are receiving the best care possible.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a wide range of occupational medicine services to cater to the diverse needs of our patients. From workplace injury treatment to pre-employment screenings, you can count on us for comprehensive care.

Advanced Technology

At Muir Diablo Occupational Medicine, we utilize advanced technologies and equipment to deliver accurate diagnoses and treatment. Our commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements ensures that you receive the highest level of care.

Personalized Approach

We believe in providing personalized care to each patient. Dr. Berman and our team take the time to understand your unique needs and develop tailored treatment plans to help you achieve optimal results.

Contact Us Today

If you are in need of exceptional occupational medicine services, don't hesitate to reach out to Muir Diablo Occupational Medicine. Dr. Mark Berman, MD, FACS and our team are here to provide you with top-quality care and support. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services."

Dr. Berman is a great addition!
Nov 12, 2023
Chuck Noll
Dr. Berman is a valuable addition to the team at Muir Diablo Occupational Medicine. Excited to see what he brings!
Nov 8, 2023
Lewie Allena
Congratulations to Dr. Mark Berman for joining Muir Diablo Occupational Medicine! Impressive skills indeed.
Oct 16, 2023