Ken Martin, MD

May 16, 2019

About Ken Martin, MD

Ken Martin, MD is a highly skilled and experienced occupational medicine specialist at Muir Diablo Occupational Medicine. With a deep passion for promoting health and safety in the workplace, Dr. Martin has dedicated his career to providing exceptional medical care and services to individuals and businesses alike.

Expertise in Occupational Medicine

As a leading expert in occupational medicine, Dr. Martin possesses a comprehensive understanding of the various factors that impact the health and well-being of employees. He assists companies in implementing effective strategies to prevent work-related injuries and ensure a safe working environment.

Health and Wellness Programs

Dr. Martin specializes in developing customized health and wellness programs tailored to the unique needs of each organization. These programs aim to enhance employee productivity, reduce absenteeism, and boost overall workplace morale. Through his extensive knowledge in preventive medicine, Dr. Martin helps businesses create a culture of well-being, resulting in healthier and happier employees.

Occupational Injury Management

In the unfortunate event of a work-related injury, Dr. Martin provides expert assessment, diagnosis, and treatment options. His goal is to facilitate the injured employee's recovery while minimizing disruption to their work. By focusing on early intervention and efficient rehabilitation, Dr. Martin ensures that employees can return to their duties in a timely and safe manner.

Occupational Health Assessments

Dr. Martin offers thorough occupational health assessments to evaluate the potential risks associated with specific job roles. These assessments include a comprehensive examination of physical abilities, functional analysis, and medical history review. The results help employers make informed decisions regarding recruitment, workplace accommodations, and the overall well-being of their workforce.

Collaborative Approach

Dr. Ken Martin firmly believes in the power of collaboration. He collaborates closely with employers, insurers, and other healthcare professionals to develop comprehensive and effective solutions for occupational health and wellness. By fostering strong relationships and clear communication channels, Dr. Martin ensures that all stakeholders are actively involved in promoting a safe and healthy work environment.

Continual Education and Research

Committed to staying at the forefront of occupational medicine, Dr. Martin consistently engages in ongoing education and research. He actively participates in medical conferences, publishes articles in reputable journals, and conducts studies to improve current practices and enhance patient outcomes. Through his dedication to continual learning, Dr. Martin strives to provide the highest quality medical services to his patients.


With an unwavering commitment to promoting health, safety, and well-being in the workplace, Dr. Ken Martin stands out as a trusted occupational medicine specialist. His expertise, combined with a compassionate approach, has earned him a solid reputation among both employers and employees. If you are seeking top-notch occupational medicine services, look no further than Muir Diablo Occupational Medicine and Dr. Ken Martin.

Brandt Goodson
Impressive credentials!
Nov 8, 2023
Tarah Black
Great article! 👍 Dr. Ken Martin's expertise in occupational medicine makes him a valuable asset in promoting health and safety at work.
Oct 9, 2023