About Dr. Jamie Broussard, MD - Muir Diablo Occupational Medicine

Jul 31, 2018


Welcome to the webpage of Dr. Jamie Broussard, an esteemed member of the Muir Diablo Occupational Medicine team. As an expert in occupational medicine, Dr. Broussard brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and dedication to providing comprehensive and personalized care to patients.

Experience and Expertise

Dr. Jamie Broussard holds a medical degree with specialization in occupational medicine. With years of experience, Dr. Broussard is a trusted specialist who has helped numerous individuals and organizations in managing work-related health issues effectively.

Dr. Broussard’s expertise spans across various occupational health concerns, including occupational injuries, illnesses, and preventive care. With an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges faced by workers in different industries, Dr. Broussard offers tailored solutions to promote a healthy and safe work environment.

Comprehensive Occupational Medicine Services

At Muir Diablo Occupational Medicine, we provide a wide range of specialized services to meet the occupational health needs of our patients. Dr. Broussard plays a vital role in delivering exceptional care and expertise in:

1. Occupational Injury Management

Dr. Broussard employs evidence-based practices to diagnose and treat work-related injuries effectively. With a focus on quick recovery and rehabilitation, Dr. Broussard develops personalized treatment plans that prioritize the well-being and safe return to work of injured employees.

2. Occupational Illness Evaluation and Management

Understanding the impact of occupational exposure on an individual's health is crucial in preventing further complications. Dr. Broussard conducts thorough evaluations and provides comprehensive management strategies for various occupational illnesses, ranging from respiratory conditions to occupational dermatitis.

3. Pre-Employment Screening and Examinations

Dr. Broussard and our team offer comprehensive pre-employment screenings and examinations to assess an individual's physical fitness for specific job requirements. These assessments significantly contribute to safe and appropriate job placements, considering an individual's health condition and capabilities.

4. Worksite Evaluations and Risk Assessments

Identifying potential hazards and risks in the workplace is essential to prevent occupational accidents and injuries. Dr. Broussard conducts detailed worksite evaluations and risk assessments to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and foster a culture of safety within organizations.

5. Health and Wellness Programs

Promoting positive health outcomes among employees is a priority at Muir Diablo Occupational Medicine. Dr. Broussard develops and implements customized health and wellness programs that empower individuals to lead healthier lifestyles. These programs encompass various aspects, such as nutrition, exercise, stress management, and preventive screenings.

Personalized Care and Approach

Dr. Jamie Broussard firmly believes in the importance of personalized care and takes the time to understand each patient's unique circumstances. By considering individual needs, work environments, and medical history, Dr. Broussard ensures that patients receive tailored treatment plans and recommendations.


Dr. Jamie Broussard, MD, is a highly skilled occupational medicine specialist at Muir Diablo Occupational Medicine. With extensive experience in the field and a passion for promoting occupational health and safety, Dr. Broussard is committed to providing exceptional care to individuals and organizations alike.