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Jun 22, 2019

The Impact of Astigmatism on Vision

Astigmatism is a common vision condition that affects the way light enters your eyes, causing blurred or distorted vision. It occurs due to an irregular curvature of the cornea or lens, preventing the light from focusing properly on the retina. This condition can make it difficult to see objects clearly at various distances and may lead to eye strain, headaches, and discomfort.

Choosing the Right Contact Lenses

At Modern Eyes Optometry, we understand the importance of clear vision. That's why we offer a wide range of contact lenses specifically designed to correct astigmatism. Our expert optometrists will conduct a thorough eye examination to determine the severity of your astigmatism and prescribe the most suitable contact lenses for your visual needs.

1. Toric Contact Lenses

Toric contact lenses are a popular choice for individuals with astigmatism. Unlike regular spherical contact lenses, toric lenses have different powers in different meridians, which helps compensate for the irregular shape of the cornea or lens. These lenses are available in both soft and rigid gas permeable materials, providing excellent visual clarity for astigmatic individuals.

2. Spherical Contact Lenses

In certain cases, individuals with mild astigmatism may find relief with spherical contact lenses. While not specifically designed for astigmatism correction, some spherical lenses can still provide satisfactory vision for those with low astigmatism. Our experienced optometrists will determine if spherical lenses are a viable option based on your specific eye measurements and visual acuity.

3. Hybrid Contact Lenses

Hybrid contact lenses combine the benefits of rigid gas permeable and soft lenses. They have a rigid center that corrects astigmatism and a soft outer skirt for enhanced comfort. These lenses are an excellent choice for individuals who require precise astigmatism correction along with the ease and comfort of soft lenses.

The Benefits of Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Choosing contact lenses for astigmatism offers several advantages over traditional eyeglasses. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved Visual Acuity: Contact lenses effectively correct the irregularities in your cornea or lens, providing crisp and clear vision.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Modern contact lenses are designed to fit comfortably on your eyes, ensuring a natural feel throughout the day.
  • Unobstructed Field of View: Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses offer a wider field of view, eliminating any visual distortions caused by frame edges.
  • Greater Convenience: Contact lenses eliminate the need for carrying and maintaining eyeglasses, allowing you to engage in various activities without any hindrance.
  • Freedom to Choose: With contact lenses, you have the freedom to experiment with different eye colors using colored contact lenses.

Expert Care and Advice at Modern Eyes Optometry

At Modern Eyes Optometry, your vision is our priority. Our highly skilled optometrists specialize in fitting contact lenses for astigmatism and ensuring optimal comfort and visual performance. During your appointment, we will take precise measurements of your eyes and discuss your lifestyle needs to recommend the most suitable type and brand of contact lenses for you.

Don't let astigmatism hinder your vision. Schedule an appointment with Modern Eyes Optometry today and take the first step towards clear and comfortable vision with contact lenses designed to correct astigmatism.

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